Key results

Key results

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Australia’s fish stocks are well-managed and a majority are healthy, with 85% of assessed stocks classified sustainable or recovering. 

In total, one hundred and fifty-five (155) species were reviewed for the 2024 Reports (6th edition).

The 2024 Reports assessed 7 new species, including Painted Sweetlips, Redbait, Redspot Emperor, Sandfish, Shortspined Sea Urchin, Striped Marlin and Western Yellowfin Bream.

  • Of the 503 stocks evaluated in the SAFS reports 6th edition, 390 (78%) could be assessed (i.e. were assigned a status other than "undefined" or "negligible"). In the previous (5th) edition, this figure was also 78%.
  • Of the 390 stocks assessed throughout Australia, 85% were classified as either "sustainable" or "recovering". 

Stock Status

Number of stocks

Total stocks


Biological stock

Management unit




111 76 316


4 6 3 13



7 3 16



16 8 45


15 29 30 74



3 32 39


179 172 152 503

There were 74 stocks classified as undefined and a further 39 classified as negligible. The undefined stock classification does not necessarily mean that the stock is at increased risk; it means that there is limited or conflicting information available to undertake the assessment. Stocks classified as negligible are unlikely to be at risk due to their very small size. 

There were 179 stock status assessments at the biological stock level, 172 at the management unit level and 152 at the jurisdiction level.

Monitoring Species

SAFS continues to monitor the fluctuation of species stock classifications. The below table outlines some examples of trends for both improving and depleting species.


Species Name

Stock Name

4th Edition

5th Edition

6th Edition

Albacore Indian Ocean Sustainable Depleting Sustainable
Mulloway New South Wales Depleted Depleted Recovering
Blacklip Abalone Tasmania Western Zone Depleted Depleted Sustainable
Commercial Scallop Tasmania Scallop Fishery Depleted Depleted Recovering
Estuary Cobbler Western Australia South Coast Estuaries Recovering Recovering Sustainable
Greenlip Abalone Western Australia Area 2 Fishery Depleting Depleting Recovering
Greenlip Abalone Tasmania Greenlip Abalone Depleting Depleting Sustainable
Redthroat Emperor Western Australia Recovering Recovering Sustainable


Species Name

Stock Name

4th Edition

5th Edition

6th Edition

Jackass Morwong Eastern Sustainable Sustainable Depleted
John Dory South Eastern Australia Sustainable Sustainable Depleted
Giant Crab South Australia Sustainable Sustainable Depleting
Southern Sand Flathead Tasmania Depleting Depleting Depleted
King threadfin Gulf of Carpenteria Depleting Depleting Depleted
Snapper West Coast Recovering Recovering Depleted
Brownlip Abalone Western Australia Area 2 Fishery Depleting Sustainable Depleted
Golden Perch South Australia Not reported Sustainable Depleting